There are plenty of products in your home that you can sell for cash. Be it a more significant product, average or small; whichever you feel is taking up space in your room or is more than you need, you can sell it. It is also a great way to earn some extra money.

Many home decor blog pages give you an insight on how you can sell your products, one brand which is the most suitable and effective in this category is HomeBnc. When it comes to selling the items, you can try many websites like Amazon, Etsy, or even social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook but putting up an ad.

Some of the products that you can sell are listed as follows:

Nail Polish – Nail extensions, glitters, nail polishes, sequins, or any other item that you can put on your nail and show off are the best-selling items nowadays. Girls nowadays are obsessed with getting their nails done and having all sorts of materialistic items to show off and feel pretty.

Exercise Bands – Some of us tend to buy more than one type of exercise bands and end up using only one, or some of us like to make our exercise bands too. However, when the time comes where you feel like there are way too many bands or that you wish to make your own and sell them at a cheaper rate so that people can buy, then this is your time.

Blankets – Are you a person who loves knitting? Blankets are one of the essential products people buy, be it for any season, and if you are a person who loves to knit them, you should sell and make your name in the market. You do not know for those who do not like to knit, but you might have lots of blankets stored down in your basement, which you may want to get rid of.

Rugs – Just like blankets, rugs are also an essential product for your home. If you feel like you want to change your rug, maybe because it doesn’t match your new floor or doesn’t match your furniture’s color, then sell it or exchange it for a better one.

Yoga or Pilates Mat – If you are an instructor who had taken retirement from teaching or are preferring to teach online, and has plenty of mats in your house from when you used to take classes, then post them on your Instagram, create an Ad, and not only will students join your classes but they can also get the mats from you.

Kitchen/Dining Room Furniture – Are you planning to move or build your own house? Are you in doubt as to what you can do with your furniture? Sell it! Many people who have just shifted initially lookout for furniture rates that are cheap yet affordable. And the quality should be the best, so in the future, if you ever plan to shift somewhere and are in doubt of your furniture, sell it, and your problems are solved.

Laptop Covers/Skins – There won’t be many homes without laptops; laptops have significantly impacted everyone’s lives; however, you also want to protect them from getting damaged, and the best way to do it is by covering them. If you have bought a new laptop and your cover does not fit, sell it to someone to buy that same cover for their laptop.

Water Bottles – Every year, your kid needs a new type of water bottle, and your kitchen fills up with plenty of bottles, and you are in a dilemma of how to get rid of them? Sell it to your neighbors, family, or relatives who are looking for the bottles and must search for the perfect one but instead, you can sell it to them, saving time.


Be it your furniture, bag, nail polishes, or even something that you have made yourself like rugs or sweaters, and you can always sell them and let people know the importance of handmade items.

There are always additional products in our home, and mostly we throw them away, so instead of throwing them, sell them, this way not only will that product be useful for someone else but you can also earn some extra money, for tips and tricks you can look at HomeBnc’s ideas.

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