DIY Fabric Phone Charging Station

When are having a smartphone in hand, some, or the other day you come across a situation when you find charging your phone a troublesome job? The safety of your phone is of great importance.


When staying in a hostel as a student or in a hotel during your vacation or when you are at a friend’s place and find that the charging slot is at a very high place and you find that while getting your phone charged, you land up letting your phone swing along the place to get it charged.

It is of significant risk to your phone, so we need to find a smart solution. Today, we would learn how to make a DIY fabric phone charging station.

DIY fabric phone charging station is easy sewing and can be made from a fabric personalized to your choice. If you have plenty of left-over fabric, you can mix, match, and make many of them and even gift a few to your friends and relatives.

Let us see what all do we need:

  • Fabrics
  • Scissors
  • Threads
  • Sewing machine
  • Some buttons, beads, etc. for decoration (it is entirely on personal choice)
  • lace

To begin with, you first need to measure your phone. Now, take the fabric piece and cut it backside and the front side of the phone station. Remember to keep a few inches in hand so that the length and breadth do not fall short when you sew the sides. Next, you need to cut fabric for the outer pocket; this should be a little small in length to your outer sides.

Place the outer body pieces on a table and fold all the sides, keeping the cloth inside out. Repeat the same with the other piece too. Hold the two together, sew the three sides together, keeping in mind that you need to bring out the cloth inside out when the sewing is done.

Now, it is easy to sew the outer pocket over/ on the front side of the cloth to make a home/pocket for your mobile to be placed. So, sew it to the three sides keeping the top open. We need to sew both the main cloth and the pocket a second time, so the sewing is strong enough to hold the mobile phone.

We need a punch hold on top of the main fabric to pass through our charger, so take the measurement accordingly and make a round cut on the top middle of the main fabric. After the cut is done, you can sew or paste a lace around the cut to decorate it. You can iron the fabric to give a clean look to it.

When you are using the charger, hang the phone holder on the charger’s plug portion and then the phone down into the pocket. You can also use the same pocket even for keys. These fabric phone holders are of great use, especially when you are traveling.

I hope you found a way of making the DIY fabric phone station fun. You can also try out using different cloth for the pocket and even decorating or beautifying it with decorative buttons and laces. If you want to search more about the DIY fabric phone station, you can visit HomeBnc. Do try out making your personal fabric phone charging station.…